Are Companies That Buy Houses For Cash Credible? [The Truth]

If you’ve ever driven around Calgary, chances are you’ve likely seen signs from property buying companies advertising their services. One can often see them say something like “We Buy Houses For Cash in Calgary” or “Sell Your House Fast.”

How Do I Know If a Property Buying Company Is Credible?

How To Make Sure The House Buyer Is Reputable

Just like any other firm providing you with goods or services, property buying companies all look mostly identical at the start. The difference is how they operate and what’s “behind the curtain.”

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have a good idea about things to look for in a house buying company before working with them.

First of all, it’s important to note that buying and selling houses is a reputable and respectable profession. A person working in the field can help house sellers tremendously, especially if they don’t want to spend months (or years if not lucky) fixing the house, putting it on the market, showing it, dealing with lawyers and paperwork, and tens of other things.

Unfortunately, just like in every other line of work, there is the “loud” minority that makes the rest of the house buyers look bad. In this context, “loud” means unprofessional, pushy, dishonest – people who put money ahead of everything, including their clients.

There is no need to worry – we’ll help you avoid them at all costs. After all, there are plenty of honest and ethical companies that can buy your house for cash and let you choose the close date to go around. This may sound too good to be true, but they are indeed out there!

Let’s not focus on the negative and instead cover what the best property buying companies are doing right now.

What Are The Best Calgary Home Buyers Doing?

What Are The Best Calgary Home Buyers Doing

1) Helping those in need of cash by giving them the money in as little as a week after the initial appraisal. Sometimes one may need cash for an emergency like an unexpected medical expense, relocating for a job or closer to a relative. Companies that buy houses for cash can make the sale happen in 5-7 days while giving you peace of mind.

2) Helping home sellers to get rid of a property without a hassle. Don’t want to spend months on renovations because your house is in poor shape? Don’t want to deal with a real estate agent and wait for months until the house gets sold? That’s when property buying companies would come for your rescue!

3) Adding to the tax base. After a new house buyer takes over a house bought previously buy a company like ours, they’ll be paying the higher tax due to the increase in the value of the property after all the innovations are done. The taxes will go to support public services like schools, libraries, fire and police departments, and more.

4) Creating jobs. If we buy a house in poor shape, as-is, and renovate it, we hire local contractors along the way – electricians, plumbers, brokers, administrators, and others. On average, a real estate transaction involves 80+ people to get the job done. By choosing us, you are also choosing to support local businesses around Calgary, Alberta!

5) Buying Canadian. Having China and the US so close, it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying foreign materials for cheaper. However, we firmly believe that there is a need to support local manufacturing businesses. That’s why most of the materials we buy are made in Canada! This supports domestic timber mills, factories, distribution centers, and supply shops. This makes Canada stronger!

6) Increasing Calgary neighborhoods’ value. When we buy houses, we don’t just flip them. Instead, we repair neglected houses (and those sold as-is), turning them into wonderful homes for families. This increases the value of the neighborhoods and strengthens the city as a whole!

As you can see, the “house-flipping” expression is not a slur or some sort of get-rich-fast scheme. The poor view of the profession is likely caused by the so-called “reality” TV shows. In reality, there isn’t much excitement in the day-to-day business we do.
The hardest part is coordinating all the people to make things happen fast and in a timely manner.

Alright, let’s go over a few more things to make sure you’re be working with a reputable property buying company.

How To Make Sure The House Buyer Is Reputable?

How Do I Know If a Property Buying Company Is Credible

When contacting a property buying company, ask them a few questions to make sure they are honest and knowledgeable.

Don’t ask “yes” or “no” questions. Instead, try these open-ended questions:

  • Can you tell me more about your services?
  • What companies do you work with?
  • How would you describe your investment philosophy?
  • How do you help your clients?
  • How can I know you’ll close the sale when you say you will?
  • How long will it take you to sell my house fast in Calgary?

Also, make sure they aren’t using any shady tactics or pressuring you into closing the sale.

A good example of a sketchy tactic is what’s called “kitchen table closing.” Shady property buyers can try and get you to sign everything right after doing the initial house inspection on, you’ve guessed it, your kitchen table. This is frowned upon by reputable house buyers who prefer a more neutral and professional atmosphere of, perhaps, a lawyer’s office to make sure everything is done right.

If you don’t practice due diligence, you may also find yourself pressured into a fast closing by a house buyer. You may be told something like “this is the only day my offer will stand.” In the world of reputable property buying companies, this is unacceptable.

A company like ours will leave the offer for at least a few days. This way, you may speak to your friends and relatives, weigh all the options, and, ultimately, make the decision that would feel right to you. We buy multiple houses a month in Calgary and make sure every home seller we deal with is satisfied with the service!

If you’d like to sell your house in Calgary quickly and are looking for a reputable property buying company that buys houses for cash – you’ve found the one!

Here, at Sell Any Property, we buy Calgary houses for cash. Whether you are going through a foreclosure process or moving away for a job opportunity, we are here to help you!

Customers are our first priority and we’ll make sure you get the best service possible.  If you’d like to get a quote or simply ask a few questions, give us a call at (403) 510-1000 or email us at

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