Average Time To Sell a House In Calgary [Explained]

One of the first questions a real estate agent will often ask you is how fast you’d like to sell your home. If you are trying to get the best offer possible, you have to consider location, home condition, market temperature, seasonal factors, and other variables.

Even the list above can already make one’s head spin, and for a good reason. “Is there a chance to sell my house fast in Calgary?” Of course, there is no need to worry too much. If you are trying to sell your property in Calgary, you are in luck – the Canadian real estate market is hot right now.

In fact, the average time to sell a house in Calgary is currently lower than it’s been in years. However, it doesn’t mean that selling your home is like putting one and one together. Unfortunately, there are still things you have to consider and think about. Don’t worry – here, at Sell Any Property, we’ve got you covered, just keep reading!

House-Selling Averages in Calgary

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Statistics of the Calgary real estate market can be confusing. There is a wide range of averages one has to consider prior to selling their home. This year, the number of Calgary detached houses has decreased by 11%, while sales have increased by 6%. The condo/apartment stats are the opposite. The sales have decreased by 19%, while the number of listings has increased by 11%.

However, the combined picture for home sellers is looking considerably better this year – with an increase in sales and a decrease in current active listings (also known as “competition”).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that properties are selling like hotcakes – there are still many not being sold, which increases the average time to sell a house in Calgary. Guess how long it takes for an average house to be sold in Calgary? According to the stats provided by MLS, it’s around 4 months, which includes the initial showing period before the final offer and the follow-up period that includes everything from accepting an offer to getting the sale closed.

It’s important to note that sales vary month-to-month as well, based on several factors.

Factors To Consider When Selling a House in Calgary

The most obvious factor would be the price point. The average will vary based on location, condition of the house, market situation, etc.

The second crucial factor, as mentioned earlier, is the location. A house by a busy intersection may seem completely normal to a homeowner who’s lived there for years but feel “too loud” or “lacking the view” to a prospective buyer.

Another reason is the home’s condition. It’s generally accepted and statistically proved that shining and sparkling houses in tip-top shape sell much faster than those that are clustered or in need of repair. All homebuyers imagine themselves living in the house – and it’s not easy to do when it’s a complete mess.

Lastly, there are many seasonal factors that will affect the average time to sell a house in Calgary. For instance, very few people go house-shopping during Chrismas time or when it’s -30 C outside. Summer in Calgary is a much better time to close and move, especially for families with children.

Should I Use an Agent To Sell My House Fast in Calgary?

Should I Use an Agent To Sell My House Fast in Calgary

If you think you’d be saving money by selling your house privately, you are absolutely right. What a lot of home sellers don’t realize is how stressful and unfulfilling this often is, especially if you don’t have enough experience in the field.

Paying a real estate agent to help you sell the house is a great alternative to having your hair go grey prematurely due to stress. The only drawback to this option is essentially the agents’ commission rates (some of them are truly appalling).

However, you don’t just hand over a huge sum of money to an agent for no reason. They are professionals in what they do after all. You wouldn’t try to fill a cavity in your tooth yourself, would you? While this is not a direct comparison, there is truth to the statement.

Canadian Real Estate Association credited agents can help you with setting the right price to sell the house fast, market the property, and negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf. This will save you hours upon hours of work.

Interested to Sell a House in Calgary?

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